About us

About Us

Northants Koi Ltd is run by Steven Bason, a Koi enthusiast who has been dealing with koi for 33 years, he has vast knowledge about Koi, filtration systems and of course Koi food.  Steven's passion for fish, particularly Koi started when he was around 15 years old, visiting his pap's pond regularly. His own father was a very keen Koi enthusiast too, where he taught him how to look after Koi and keeping the water healthy.  Steven built his first pond around 25years ago, this was one of many. Over time each pond improved with better filtration system, providing better care for the koi. We started off selling to family and friends but word spread about the quality of his Koi and Northants Koi Ltd was born and has lead Steven to become one of the leading UK dealers in high quality Koi/Goldfish.

In 2019 we expanded the business to include sourcing and supplying high quality Fancy Goldfish direct from Thailand and Indonesia.  This has proved popular and has allowed the business to grow and develop giving our customers the chance to purchase HQ Fancy Goldish.  In January 2023, we were able to visit Thailand and build excellent working relationships with local breeders, whilst being able to hand pick and slect only the best quality Fancy Goldfish for import back to the UK.  Another trip is planned for February 2024 to enable us to continue to expand our offering of HQ goldfish.

In In April 2023 we were successful in securing our CEFAS licence which is testament to our hardwork and determination to ensure that Northants Koi/Goldfish only offers high quality, cared for fish that are delivered to our customers in excellent health.  

What we Offer

Northants Koi Ltd, offers a new approach to buying Japanese Koi whist keeping traditional values, keeping good quality water and healthy fish all year round.  Here at Northants Koi we have undergone some vast improvements over the last few years, relocating in 2016 has allowed us to build new and improved ponds equipped with the latest filtration system.

Customer service is very important to us here at Northants Koi Ltd, the health of our fish is imperative. We are happy to discuss how to look after your fish or ponds.  We have time to listen to our customers needs and provide the best advice as possible.